MFD : BIO GUARD - Antibacterial Interior Spray Cleaner

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MFD : BIO GUARD - Antibacterial Interior Spray Cleaner


Our hands are in daily contact with various pathogens which fester and breed, and which get transferred onto car surfaces, specifically touch points, such as the steering wheel, gears selector, door handles, seat belts and in car entertainment systems.

That is why the team at MFD created Bio Guard antibacterial spray sanitiser.

A unique full-strength professional formula containing <12% Quaternary Ammonium compound.

A safe and clean sanitiser made from a proprietary blend of non hazardous, non-stripping materials for optimal
bacteria protection.

Bio Guard antibacterial sanitiser is safe
to use on fabrics and plastics in vehicles.
Simply spray affected areas and wipe down to keep yourself and your family protected.

Bio Guard can also be used as an all-purpose sanitiser around the home, on upholstery, carpets, office spaces and washrooms.

Great products are nothing without great packaging. How many times have you gone to spray and product drips out onto your hand? Exactly... our sprayers are chemical resistant, with a robust, heavy duty trigger with a satisfying action, high atomization spray with lock off feature and nozzle adjustment. Plus our bottles are a beautiful form factor taking less space on your bench or shelf keeping your MFD product display neat and tidy. 

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