MFD : CLEAR AZ - 100% Non Streak, Smear Free Window Cleaner

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MFD : CLEAR AZ - 100% Non Streak, Smear Free Window Cleaner


It’s a late Sunday afternoon, you’ve just finished washing your car, wiped down the windows hopped in and then you see it. Smudges, smears and streaks all over the inside of your window. The sun is sitting at the perfect angle exposing every sneeze and steamy situation that’s taken place in that bordello you call your car, leaving a trail of evidence as it shines through exposing you for the filthy animal you are.

Maybe you’re like us and have actually given the windows a good crack with the old window cleaner mum has under the laundry sink. It looks pretty good until old mate afternoon sun shows up an ruins the party.

Be frustrated no more the mad scientists in the MFD lab have developed the ultimate window cleaner. CLEAR AZ

CLEAR AZ contains anti fogging and specially formulated anti smear agents to keep those troublesome windows CLEAR AZ!

Windows tinted darker than dad after you’ve woken up the neighbourhood at 4am with your fart cannon again? No worries, CLEAR AZ is safe to use on all glazed surfaces including tinted windows.

Great products are nothing without great packaging. How many times have you gone to spray and product drips out onto your hand? Exactly... our sprayers are chemical resistant, with a robust, heavy duty trigger with a satisfying action, high atomization spray with lock off feature and nozzle adjustment. Plus our bottles are a beautiful form factor taking less space on your bench or shelf keeping your MFD product display neat and tidy. 

PRO TIP: Use NANOSHELL ceramic coat quick detailer on your exterior glass for a high gloss look and hydrophobic properties. 

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