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MFD : HUNDRED - Plastic & Leather Rejuvenator


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MFD : HUNDRED - Plastic & Leather Rejuvenator


Back in the sex spec era (Aka the 2000’s) it was customary to douse your interior
plastics in thick silicone gunk.

Sure it covered the faded plastics but it was also greasier than old mates fingers after smashing a HSP at 4am in a service station car park.

2 things you should never let near your interior trims. Old mate without a napkin & 2000’s trim ‘rejuvenator’, instead do yourself a favour and go to town with our water based interior vinyl, plastic and leather reviver designed to clean, rejuvenate and protect against harmful UV rays that fade and damage interior surfaces.

HUNDRED leaves a fresh, non-greasy satin finish that doesn’t look like the Exxon Valdez beached itself on your dashboard.

Deep satin finish,

Revived trims,

UV protected interior.

100% Fresh