MFD : STEEZY - Acid Free Deionizing Wheel Cleaner

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MFD : STEEZY - Acid Free Deionizing Wheel Cleaner


So you think you’re Daniel Ricciardo on the streets? Braking late and taking names you say? Well that’s all well and good (and dangerous, don’t speed you Muppet) but your 3 piece Rotiforms are trashed from all that sweet euro brake dust. Or maybe you’re a lazy Skyline owner who washes their wheels once a year, either way baby’s shoes need a clean and MFD are about to make it hella easy to get the job we all hate done, in record time , with style and ease.

STEEZY is our Acid-Free Car Wheel Cleaner (colour reacting). STEEZY is a hecticly advanced cleaner that slays brake dust, dirt, debris and road grime.

STEEZY contains a special deionising formula that attaches and removes stubborn brake dust, dissolving them into a soluble form allowing easier removal and rinsing of your wheels, which means less agitation and abrasion to your rims keeping them fresher for longer.

Coated or uncoated, diamond cut or satin finish STEEZ is gentle on paint and tough on the brake dust and is the best acid free wheel cleaner available.

No excuses now you filthy animals, get clean, get STEEZY.

PRO TIP: After wheels are clean, spray wheels with a mist of NANOSHELL for increased shine and higher resistance to brake dust.

Great products are nothing without great packaging. How many times have you gone to spray and product drips out onto your hand? Exactly... our sprayers are chemical resistant, with a robust, heavy duty trigger with a satisfying action, high atomization spray with lock off feature and nozzle adjustment. Plus our bottles are a beautiful form factor taking less space on your bench or shelf keeping your MFD product display neat and tidy. 

100% Australian Made

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