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Professional diagnostic tool in your pocket

Best suited for users with more knowledge about a car's software, the PRO Pack is ideally suited to enable you to take your car customization to the next level with programming adaptations & more.

Officially licensed by the Volkswagen Group (VAG) and the BMW Group.

Simply plug the device into the car’s OBD-II port, download the mobile application (iOS, Android, and Harmony-supported), and start a conversation with your car via your smartphone. 

Technology has improved our vehicles and changed the way we interact with them, requiring advanced equipment to understand their needs. That's why we’ve developed a revolutionary diagnostic tool – OBDeleven. A device that lets you easily connect to the car, monitor all systems, and activate various comfort features.

NOTE: Once seal has been broken, we do not accept returns/exchanges

  • BASIC Features
    Manufacturer-level Diagnostics
    Clear faults/trouble codes
    One-Click Apps (pre-made car customizations)
    SFD unlocking (VAG-only)
    Live Data (VAG-only)
  • PRO Plan Features (VAG-only)
    Coding / Long Coding
    Adaptations / Long Adaptations
    Control Unit reset (UDS)
    Trouble code freeze frame
    Basic Settings
    & more
  • OBDeleven NextGen device supports both Volkswagen Group (VAG) and BMW Group (F, G, and I-series) vehicles, but available features and plans may differ. For a complete list of available features please check the Apps & Features Page. 
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • NextGen device – iOS, Android, and Harmony compatible
  • 12-month PRO Plan (VAG-only)
  • The PRO Plan code will be sent to your email

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