Direct replacement for your OEM HID application. 

Our premium NOVA HID bulbs are ultra bright at a rated 3800 lumens, unlike OEM and other aftermarket HID bulbs that have a rating of only 2800-3200 lumens. Our bulbs are manufactured from the highest quality materials, and components to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Don't settle for less.


Direct plug and play to replace your dull, and dated halogen bulbs. 

COSMIC is our Ultra Bright Premium LED headlight bulb for upgrading headlight and fog light applications. Equipped with the latest cutting edge CSP chips we are able to mimic the filament of an incandescent bulb’s filament location and length. Focused light is paramount, so we’ve integrated the flexibility of a rotatable base that can be used to fine tune the optimal beam angle resulting in supreme light penetration and vision.


Our premium small LED bulb range with a huge impact!

Dull and dated incandescent bulbs are a thing of the past, and should stay just there.

Each bulb has been carefully designed using the highest quality materials and components to deliver unrivialed performance, quality, and reliabilty yet maintaining elegant styling.


BURST is really something special. Almost every other LED indicator bulb out there requires an additional resistor to stop hyper flashing and error codes, but BURST does not!

NO hyperflashing, NO error codes, NO resistors, NO messy wiring. 

Canbus compatible, extremely bright, plug and play and you're good to go!
We've removed all the hassles and headaches for you. We couldn't have made it any easier!


Backing up shouldn't be a guessing game. Break the darkness with FLARE, and blast glorious light behind you to remove every inch of potential mishaps!

Reverse in safety and see better with bright light.

FLARE was developed for the sole purpose as a reverse-only bulb. It must not to be used for any other application.