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Fabric Cleanse: An amazing fabric cleaner specially designed for carpets, ultra-suede & even Alcantara!

Size: 500ml

Fabric Cleanse is a premium quality anti-bacterial & anti-microbial fabric cleaner that is very effective at removing general build accumulation of grime & accidental spills from all types of fabrics.  

The gentle formulation is high foaming & safe to clean fabrics, carpets, upholstery, cloths, fabric roof linings, ultra/micro-suedes, Alcántara & even motorsport technical grade fabrics. The formulation eliminates bacterial odours from fabrics at a molecular level whilst helping to slow down &/or stop the microbial growth & development of mould.

Contains no solvents, oils, fragrances, bleaches, chlorines, peroxides or any other harsh ingredients that can damage sensitive fabrics. The water based formula is safe on all types of coloured stitching whilst being gentle enough to help revive vibrant colours such as blues, reds, yellows, greens & will make whites, greys & blacks look like new again.

Fabric Cleanse can also be used to clean & deodorise the internal fabric padded linings of many helmets leaving them ready for Revitalise.

  • Colour-safe
  • High foaming
  • Bone dry finish (no grease or wet feeling after)
  • Anti-Bacterial ingredients to help fabrics stay cleaner for longer
  • Anti-Microbial ingredients to help stop the growth & development of mould
  • Not designed to be used on genuine (real) suede or nubuck.
  • In cold weather, liquid will appear cloudy & in warm weather liquid will be clear, this is simply the characteristics of the chemical.
  1. Keep out of reach of children.
  2. Avoid breathing in vapours, mist or spray.
  3. Avoid skin and eye contact.
  4. Wash hands after use.
  5. Do not keep Potions stored inside vehicle.
  6. Keep Potions stored in cool, dry & dark conditions.
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