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This is a set dim level 12V PWM dimmer, perfect for automotive use with dimming on the positive channel. Most other dimmers operate by modulating the negative side, which makes it difficult to use remotely in a common-ground automotive environment.

The total current capacity is 2 amps, perfect for LED arrays, angel eye rings, LED bulbs, or other LED components. 9-16V Operating Voltage.

There's also a unique feature included: Instead of a simple input and output, this module has two inputs, DIM and HIGH.

When a signal powers the DIM pin, the module will output the PWM-dimmed signal at 50% brightness. Then, when another signal is connected to HIGH, the module will pass full power through, for full brightness. The high output will always override the low output. Each input is protected against reverse current flow as well, so they won't interfere with each other.

This feature makes the module perfect for LED tail lamps or turn signals. It can be used with any LED ring, bulb, or array.

Here's an example: take the positive 12V wire for any LED. Connect it to the OUTPUT of this module. Connect running light power to the DIM wire, and turn signal power to the HIGH wire. This module does the rest! Your LED will function as a dimmed running light and then light up full power when turn signal is activated.

Whether it's a running and brake light signal, or a running and turn signal, the module will switch between low and high brightness levels perfectly for you, at an adjustable level of brightness.

  • Easily accomplish a low/dimmed level and a high power signal on nearly any automotive LED device. 
  • Assembled in USA
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Two (2) dimmer modules with preinstalled terminals
  • Six (6) T-taps
  • One (1) mini screwdriver