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Professional installation recommended! Please read the User Manual or visit the Getting Started page before purchase!

These sequencer modules can control large arrays of LEDs and provide full control for running lights, sequential turn signals, brake signals, startup/shutdown animation, and show mode animation! 28 channels to control! Supports multiple show modes or multiple turn signals!

This can be customised using the Sequence Designer software, and programmed by you using your computer! (requires a PICKit3 programmer sold separately)

Minimal experience with retrofitting, soldering, and working with LEDs/resistors required. Headlight/taillight in most cases must be opened to gain direct access to LEDs, to install our sequencer. LEDs, headlights, or taillights are all sold separately.

  • (5) 12v inputs, (28) output channels! (switched ground outputs)
  • Show mode/Party mode!
  • Sequential turn signals that self-calibrate to the car’s flasher unit
  • One module controls up to two turn signals!
  • Parking/running lights on/off animation
  • Switchback parking light control (optional)
  • Built-in parking light dimming for taillights (optional)
  • Brake light control or High-beam dimmer capability
  • Vehicle on/off animation
  • Up to two looping show modes, triggered by a 12v switch
  • 3 turns, 1 touch turn signal feature added to any car
  • Reprogrammable after install! (Simply extend programming pins out of housing)
  • Extremely low power drain while in operation, sleep mode when idle
  • Comes with default programming, or completely customisable using our software!
  • Ultra small form factor!
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Pair : 2 x Ghozt V5 LED Sequencer(s)
  • Single : 1 x Ghozt V5 LED Sequencer(s)
  • Pin Headers and Ribbon Cable (Optional)
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