MFD : NANOSHELL - Ceramic Coat Quick Detailer Finishing Spray

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MFD : STEEZY - Acid Free Deionizing Wheel Cleaner


Let’s hit you with science and some big words you probably haven’t heard of before.

Silicone dioxide (Si02)
Nano ceramic quartz technology
Advanced polymers and titanium dioxide.

Sounds impressive doesn’t it? And it better be for the price we're charging you for it.
But guess what.. It is impressive.

But what does all that fancy shmance mean for you? It means ULTRA SLICK paintwork that looks like you’ve added another layer of clear coat to your car’s paint. For real? Yes for real, all that fancy stuff we mentioned earlier actually works.

In a nutshell, Nano means small and ceramic means hard. Newsflash! At a microscopic level your paintwork is uneven.

Let’s learn you good. Imagine you’re looking at your phone and there are a bunch of pixels missing, NANOSHELL fills in those pixels (because the chemical is mad tiny), gets in there, hardens and reflects the light around it.

This creates a stronger light refraction in the paintwork, repelling dirt and protecting from harmful UV...

Boom A+

Great products are nothing without great packaging. How many times have you gone to spray and product drips out onto your hand? Exactly... our sprayers are chemical resistant, with a robust, heavy duty trigger with a satisfying action, high atomization spray with lock off feature and nozzle adjustment. Plus our bottles are a beautiful form factor taking less space on your bench or shelf keeping your MFD product display neat and tidy. 

PRO TIP: Use in conjunction with HELIX Twist loop fibre drying towels for even application. 

Use NANOSHELL on your STEEZY fresh wheels for an ultra slick shine which also repels brake dust keeping your wheels cleaner for longer

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