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Nano Tech Body Cleanse: Take pride in your ride with this premium quality detergent that gently removes daily road grime build-up.

Size: 1L

Nano Tech Body Cleanse is a premium quality detergent that we like to call “a dream wash for paint fanatics”.

Body Cleanse has been enhanced with modern day science & chemistry to bring you a ceramic infused detergent that provides excellent & safe cleansing power on paintwork. The formulation is pH neutral though provides similar cleaning power as an alkaline detergent meaning this wash is safe on paintwork that has quality waxes, spray sealants & ceramic coatings applied.

The special fortified silica (SiO2) in this detergent fills in microscopic scratches as you wash your paintwork. After each wash you will notice more & more gloss, depth & clarity added to your paintwork as it slightly revives worn/aged coatings/sealants by filling in those microscopic scratches. Safely & easily removes daily road grime & build up, fresh bird droppings, fresh tree sap & even removes built up exhaust soot on rear bumpers.

  • No added salts
  • pH Balanced (7.2pH)
  • Deep Cleansing Power
  • Hydrophilic Ingredients 
  • Very Thick Lubricating Suds
  • Fresh Green Apple Fragrance
  • Loaded with Anti-Rust Additives
  • Restore Gloss to Paintwork After Each Use
  • Super Concentrated Formulation (25mLs to 10L of water)
  • If used in snow foaming cannons, it will not produce the thickest amount of foam, the cleaning and lubricating power is what this detergent is designed for (hand washing), if you are after foam to use in a foaming cannon then please purchase our Nano-Tech Ultra Foam.
  1. Keep out of reach of children.
  2. Avoid breathing in vapours, mist or spray.
  3. Avoid skin & eye contact.
  4. Wash hands after use.
  5. Do not use under direct sunlight &/or when paint is hot.