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Nano Tech Hydro Detailer: A premium quality SiOhydrophobic quick detailer that is safe to use on gloss paintwork.

Size: 500ml

Nano Tech Hydro Detailer is a premium quality ceramic based hydrophobic quick detailer formulated for gloss paintwork, it is enhanced with fortified silica (SiO2) that fills in microscopic scratches the more you use it (requires 6hrs to fully cure after buffing), the more you use this product, the more microscopic scratches will be filled in, which in return provides more depth & clarity to paintwork.

This is our new & improved formula that is very user friendly during summer, designed to be used after washing & drying your paintwork as it removes fresh drying streaks & spots caused from drying towels & blowers whilst providing increased gloss, slickness, clarity, UV protection & hydrophobics to paintwork. Simple & easy enough to use as a quick detailer for both coated & non-coated paintwork & as "quick detailer" to remove fingerprints, dust & fresh bird droppings from paintwork.

  • pH Neutral 
  • Super Slick
  • UV Protection
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Super Hydrophobic Formulation
  • Anti-Static for less dust build up
  • Excellent to use before car shows & events
  • Not suitable for any matt/matte/satin/semi-gloss paintwork/vinyl wraps.
  • Do not use under direct sunlight or on hot panels & do not allow product to dry onto paintwork.
  1. Keep out of reach of children.
  2. Avoid breathing in vapours.
  3. Avoid skin and eye contact
  4. Wash hands after use
  5. Do not keep Potions stored inside vehicle
    • Not suitable for any matt/matte/satin/semi-gloss paintwork/vinyl wraps.
    • Never use on hot panels or under direct sunlight.
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