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Leather Lotion: A simple & easy to use leather lotion that helps soften & protect leather.

Size: 500ml

Leather Lotion is a premium quality leather conditioner formulated to be used on some of the most expensive & finickiest genuine OEM automotive leathers on the market such as Semi-Aniline & Full Aniline Leathers (known as “Nappa Leathers”) & can be used on many motorcycle leathers too. Designed to be used after cleaning leathers with Leather Cleanse, Leather Lotion is a fast absorbing cream that will make leather feel soft, supple & hydrated again after applying.

This lotion protects leathers against UV damage & does not contain any silicones (that cause leather to go "shiny" & make it slippery) nor does it contain any solvents (that can dry out leather). The formulation will maintain the nice satin/matte OEM appearance of leather. Recommended to use once every 3-6 months to help protect, maintain & hydrate your leather for years to come.

  • Lanolin oil
  • pH Neutral Formulation
  • Luxurious Leather Scent
  • Does not leave a greasy finish
  • Conditions & protects leather against UV-A & UV-B Solar Rays
  • Sheen free finish to maintain satin/matte look of genuine OEM leathers
  • Not designed to be used on suede or nubuck.
  • Do not use on damaged Semi-Aniline or Full Aniline leathers.
  1. Not designed to be used on suede or nubuck.
  2. Do not use on Semi-Aniline or Full Aniline Leathers (Nappa Leathers) or any other leathers that have signs of cracking, peeling or fading.
  3. Do not allow product to fully dry onto leather without buffing.
  4. Keep out of reach from children.
  5. Avoid breathing in vapours.
  6. Avoid skin & eye contact.
  7. Wash hands after use.

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