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Plastic Detailer: A dedicated final touch to your interior plastics.

Size: 500ml

Plastic Detailer is a premium quality plastic interior detailer formulated to clean & protect your plastics in one simple step. Formulated to use on all types of OEM interior plastics including textured plastics, soft touch plastics & even piano black plastic trims, it’s anti-bacterial formula easily removes dust, fingerprint & light oily marks, whilst helping plastics stay cleaner for longer.

Excellent spread & easy to use on dash boards, door cards, door handles, buttons, centre consoles & other high touch areas. Plastic Detailer also contains UV blockers that helps protect plastics against harmful UV-A & UV-B solar ray damage & most importantly it maintains the true genuine OEM appearance of plastics as it does not add any artificial “sheen/shine/darkening” look to plastics.

  • pH Neutral 
  • UV Protection 
  • Anti-Static Ingredients
  • Barber Shoppe scent (that fades off as soon as it dries)
  • Anti-Bacterial Formulation to help plastics stay cleaner for long
  • Streak & Sheen Free Finish to maintain OEM look, feel & touch
  • This product is NOT designed to be used on touch screens, glass & polycarbonate (clear plastics), if you happen to get some of this on these surfaces, their will be a "haze" left over. The haze is the actual UV protection, the haze can simply be removed with Glass Cleanse.
  1. Do not allow electric switches & buttons to get wet.
  2. Do not use on carpets, fabrics or leather.
  3. Keep out of reach of children.
  4. Avoid breathing in vapours, mist or spray.
  5. Avoid skin & eye contact.
  6. Wash hands after use.
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