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Nano Tech Ultra Foam: A premium quality ultra-high foaming detergent designed for any foaming cannon on the market, perfect for pre-washing to help minimize the chance of swirls before hand washing.

Size: 1L

Nano-Tech Ultra-Foam is a premium quality, ultra-high foaming detergent that can be used in any foaming cannon on the market. It produces one of the thickest, clingiest & foamiest foams on the market when used with a high pressure washer & quality foaming cannon. Ultra-Foam has no issue clinging onto ceramic coated paint, it helps loosen, soften & breakdown general road grime on paintwork before moving onto the traditional 2 bucket wash method.

The formulation is super slick & shares the same clever chemistry our Nano Tech Body Cleanse has, meaning its loaded with anti-rust additives, water softeners, pH neutral formulation & on top of that, it fills in microscopic scratches as you foam thanks to its fortified silica content (SiO2) which in return enhances gloss & minimizes the chance of swirls before moving onto hand washing! Ultra-Foam clings to your paintwork for a good amount of time & produces an almost dry like foam that has a ridiculous amount of “crumpet action”.

Nano-Tech Ultra-Foam will not affect any ceramic coatings/sealants or waxes, plastic, rubber & chrome trimmings.

Mixing Ratios for Foaming Cannons & Pressure Washers :

- Ultra-Foam (Heavy Pre-Soak): 100mls Ultra Foam to 900mls Water
- Normal-Foam (Standard Pre-Soak): 50mls Ultra Foam to 950mls Water
- Low Foam (Light Pre-Soak): 25mls Ultra Foam to 975mls Water

  • pH Neutral
  • No Added Salts
  • Ultra-High Foam
  • Super Slick & Thick Suds
  • Super Concentrated Formula
  • Fresh Green Apple Fragrance
  • Loaded with Anti-Rust Additives
  • Hydrophilic Ingredients (water sheeting properties)
  • Deep Cleaning Power For Pre-Washing (before going to a 2 bucket method)
  1. Keep out of reach of children.
  2. Avoid breathing in vapours, mist or spray.
  3. Avoid skin and eye contact
  4. Wash hands after use
  5. Do not keep Potions stored inside vehicle
    • Do not use under direct sunlight
    • Do not allow foam to dry onto paintwork

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