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For use with LED headlight bulbs / 35W HID kits, our Premium digital CANBUS decoder is used to remove "bulb out" warning lights/errors and flickering caused by CANBUS systems. 

Each decoder has a built-in resistor pack to mimic the characteristics of a standard halogen bulb tricking the vehicle into thinking nothing has changed. 

More and more modern vehicles use a technology called PWM to operate the different lighting systems in a vehicle. PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation and it allows for halogen bulb dimming, reducing alternator/battery electrical usage load.

These decoder were developed specifically for integrating aftermarket headlight bulbs into the headlight and fog light of vehicles that operate with PWM technology. Simply plug the decoder into the vehicle headlight connector and plug the other end directly into the new headlight system. 

  • Dimensions: 69mm (L) x 24mm (H) x 32mm (W)
  • Socket compatibility: H7
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Powerful CANBUS error free decoder
  • Compatible for vehicles using PWM technology
  • Reduces/removes flickering
  • High quality braided wiring
  • High temperature resistant sockets
  • Aluminium body allows for effective heat dissipation
  • 2 x PWM CANBUS decoders
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